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Appointment start! "Dragon State Sports" March 31

real teen faith real teen faith

This is a bungalistic world, a different beast, partner, dragon ride, enemy ... you will have a variety of people / creatures to create a bucket. This is an unburden, full of surprised world, you may encounter sinus, truth, the truth, may also experience the turning, conspiracy, friendship ... More unknown to explore.

"Dragon State" is the 3Dmorpg of such a Japanese blood adventure theme. In the game, you will play a hunt, through the continuous fighting, adventure gradually gain growth, but also open more goals: Hunting Yalong, tame the mount, 邂逅 利, collect Dragon Crystal, complete the appointment of the review ... and partners from all over the world, combat it together, complete the challenge, and relieve the heavy crisis of Icadia.

The game will open the full platform beta (IOS, Android, PC) on March 31, you can freely choose a variety of content play, explore this continent.

As soon as possible, iOS players search for "Dragon State" in the App Store, click [Get] to book! Android players can book immediately bookmark now or through TAPTAP search through the official website ( Dragon State Sports "for public beta, rich milestone reward waiting for you! When you see a beautiful adventure, come together to play "Dragon State Term"!

The protagonist of the story

It is affected by the classic RPG and the game's exploration system uses everything to drive the plot. Players cultivate their careers according to their personal style, improve skills through various actions, and those who experience in the trip are closely connected to the main line, and the role is more in touch. Among the joyful script atmosphere, hidden crises and distinctive characters are constantly emerging, and with the plot to advance the team.

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