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"Battle of Golden Shovel" variant

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The battle of the gold shovel has officially updated the S6.5 neon night version, many small partners want to know how the new version of the variation of variation of the grasshopper is playing. Today, Xiao Chuan brought you a "Golden Shovel Battle" to the mutation. Take a look at the little friends who are interested.

"Battle of Golden Shovel" variant

First, lineup

Composition of lineup: Lexie, Saina, Wei Gush, Marzaha, Nar, Dragonfly, Salenny, Casa

Array: 3 flow 5 variation (reduced blue) 2 strike 2 black devil

Hex strongly (must): + 1/2 new flow, famous flow, unstable evolution, mutation transfer, + 1/2 variation warrior, three feasters I / II / III, blue battery I / II

Hetry Strong (Selection): Hunting Larity, Star Bless

Second, interpretation of lineup

The main C chooses Malzaha, the maximum force value is 60 points. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the blue CD variation attribute to play, other properties are not recommended. Reduce Blue CD Match Color Blue Battery / Blue Buff Enables unlimited skill, the current version of Marzaha is no mana lock.

Mana lock: After each release skill, you must transfer once to release it.

Second, there is also a pair of C, the maximum force value of the dragonfly is 40, and the blue CD is directly reduced by 40 points, which is basically unlimited. The dragonfly is a deputy C, which can perfectly fits excess physical equipment to maximize the output of the lineup.

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