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Summary from the failure of the lessons

real teen faith real teen faith

People's life cannot be perfect, they will encounter a lot of bumps, and they will encounter a lot of failures. As the saying goes, "failure is the mother of success", failure is not terrible, terrible is not to summarize the lessons from failure. Only the lessons learned in failure can realize their own dreams. existTwelve zodiacIn the middle, Xiao Shan is summarized from failure, let's take a look.

Mouse: smart 伶 rat is the head of 12 Zodiac. The reason why the mouse can become the first of the twelve zodiac, because it secretly took a hurricane, the mouse is running without win other zodiac, but it knows how to use favorable conditions, know that the bag hiding into the cattle The first one. Therefore, people who are rats are very smart, and they will fail to sum up experience, and they will continue this matter until they arrive.

Snake: Turbine Snake is the most special reptile in the twelve Zodiac, in order to live, it is not afraid of peeled pain, with a general human endurance. Therefore, the patient's patient is quite good, not afraid of suffering, no matter what difficulty encounters, it will be calm, and the experience is summed up from failure. The snake is also flexible and more energetic, in front of difficulties fail, unyielding, and go forward.

It is a chicken: Strive to win the chicken is the most beautiful and simple animal in the twelve zodiac, but I like to fight for a better victory. The people who are chickens are as determined as the chicken, and they are good at expressing themselves, just like the eggs under the egg, they will try their own nests before the egg, and they will tell the owners after the next egg. So people who are chickens will silently summarize their experience after failure, and then stick to their things until success.