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What does it mean by dreaming

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What does it mean by dreaming of hanging?I have this dream, the five elements are water, the little people are quite a lot of people love the world, more disadvantages, and others are more than the people, the life is uncomfortable, the winter dreams are unlucky, and the autumn dreams are unlucky.

Ask the scholar dream, the blood of the blood, often has a positive conflict with the family, and the signs of disturbing are not happy.

Single man has this dream, the career is good, life is smooth, only with him sincerely, it can have good luck.

Middle-aged man has this dream, the Lord's life is uneasy, stunned in the heart, sending it to a dream, being a frank person, can not be entangled with others.

If there is an important negotiation in the recent negotiation, this dream is signs of money, and the career is difficult!

Engaged in performance, art, etc., dreams of hanging, water and fire, the good sign of the principal, and everything is good and good to others.

Engaged in handicraft processing, water production, etc.