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O-type blood and o-blood children What blood type and impossible?

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What is the blood type of O-type blood and O-type blood? According to the blood type genetic law, O-type blood and O-type children can only be O-type blood type, can't be A type blood, B-type blood, AB type Blood blood type.

What kind of education is adopted to O-type blood in order to improve his taste and cultivate coordination with people and harmony?

(1) Do not make the "leadership style" is too rampant

O-type children's "leadership style" is easy to cause them to lose coordination. And no matter what, you want to get the first, add strong self-psychology, will more enhance this tendency.

O-shaped blood children often seek self-satisfying games because they can't play with others. In order to prevent this phenomenon, we should teach them to live in harmony with others. For example, invite the play with home to play, or let them go to other children's housekeepers, they can expand their social scope.

If the awareness of "leadership style" is too strong, it will inevitably produce factions, and must pay special attention.

In order to effectively inhibit O-type blood children's strong competitive heart, let them participate in sports or tutoring classes that do not pay much attention to the name.

(2) Education for four types of body type 0 blood

1 slimming O-type blood child: This type of child is both gentle and pays attention to friendship. The original coordination, often due to the excessive appearance of the option, and it seems to be inconsistent with others. As long as the correctness, stubborn and neuropical personality can effectively solve the problem.

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