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Dreaming of falling into the fire

real teen faith real teen faith

1, dream of being trapped,

It is not very good for your recent fortune, remember to manage your own money, you must do not have a lot of money.

2, dream of falling into the fire,

Negative couples, life happiness

3, the old man dreams of falling into the fire,

Explain that there is a timing that you have to exclude, you must reach your best with a strong attitude towards a strong attitude.

4, finding workers dreaming of falling into fire,

The job work is still sluggish, the idea is somewhat pessimism, and the enthusiasm is not strong, and it is easy to give up the opportunity because it is inadequate for your confidence.

5, minors dream of falling into fire,

The focus of health is turning to finger and toes, etc., should be careful or injured. The spirit has lazy tendenchers, may wish to walk or listen to exciting music.

6, dream of burning people,

It indicates that the fortune is not good, the fortune is declining, and the money to the friends will forget the two nets, and they are not kind to mentioning the other party, but they have to be unlucky.

7, dream of catching fire at home,

It indicates that your recent work status is not very good. The real work is very high, and the underlying consciousness is judged by high standards, so that he often is in a state in stress.

8, dream of fire, loved ones,

It is expected that there is poor fortune, and it will be losses recently. It is recommended that you have to pay more.

9, dream of fire burning day,

This is not auspicious dream, this dream indicates that you will be promoted around you will be flushed or a small-sized stone, after he became your leadership, your bitter day begins.