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What are the propaganda slogans of epidemic prevention slogans?

real teen faith real teen faith

1, viruses are ruthless, people have love!

2. Tongzhou Tongji community

3, with the disease back to the village, not filial!

4, do not eat wild, prevent viruses.

5, refuse to pile, do not look for it.

6, a total of epidemic, love is not absent.

7, this year, next door, next year.

8, the same boat is a common, and it is difficult to enter!

9. Go home for the New Year, peace of mind home.

10, fight the epidemic, everyone is responsible!

11, controlling wine quit smoking, forever health.

12. In front of the disease, life is the first.

13. Winning this epidemic, and the old man.

14, 曰 无 衣, with the child.

15. The epidemic is currently, the SMS is New Year.

16, reasonable diet, moderate exercise.

17. Athara, the hero is everywhere.

18, the defenders are responsible, the soil is responsible.

19, thinking about everything, doing things.

20, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.

21, winning time is to win life.

22, wearing a mask is always better than wearing a ventilator.

23, when you go out, wear a mask correctly.

24. Party members are rushing before, prevention and control in front.

25, resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control.

26, the stones are not feathers, and they are too dangerous.

27, we work with efforts, epidemic defense.

28, the virus is fierce, Wan Ma is still.

29, running with time racing, fighting with the virus.

30. If you want to live for a long time, don't go everywhere.

31, "mask civilization", start from me.

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