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"DNF mobile game" hanbok one-click how to set up hanbok how to set up a button

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DNF mobile game hanbok one-button recline how to set it? Recently, the DNF mobile game, finally opened the public beta in hanbok, and many small partners who have already prepared for a long time have been trying to enter the Korean-service game, but always encounter a large number of problems, then DNF mobile game hanbok one-button Set, now you will look at Xiaobian.

DNF mobile game hanbok one-click connection with how to set up

I. Setting Measures

Skill system one-click

Maybe some don't know where the one is even, we can open the skill interface. You can also experience one-button trick through the [Decanition] of the battle interface.

Experience one-button trick through the cultivation of the refineries, we can adjust the skills arrangements yourself and set up the best combination of skills that suits you.

We came to the underground cultural refineries or duel cultivation, and click on the top right to enter the skill configuration interface. You can enter the consecution configuration in it. Before connecting, we can adjust the needs of the required skills through the basic skill interface, and can also adjust the size of the skill key and the specific location.

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