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Dreaming that you have lost your pants, you might get up in some things

real teen faith real teen faith

Many people probably encounter such embarrassments such as pants, probably because our trousers are broken, or the role of external force is caused, but this is not a glorious thing. So what if you dream of falling your pants?

People who plan to go out have dreamed that they have fallen their pants, indicating that when they don't dream of travel, leading to themselves, and the road to go home is more embarrassed.

The person who is ready for the exam will dream of falling his trousers, indicating that the dream is very good, but the test score is very bad, causing people who have dreamed to study hard.

Single men and women dream dreams of falling their pants, indicating that they are ugly when they are in love, leading to their own impression.

Those who talk to marriage, dreaming of being a pants, indicating that both men and women have been greatly obstacted in the emotional problems, which is not conducive to the possible possible possible.

People with pregnant people dream dreams of falling their trousers, indicating that dreams have no signs of childbirth, must do protect their work, don't go out, so as not to come to seek medical treatment.

The people of this year have a dream to see yourself falling, indicating that the dream of dreams is not good, and all things are unable to connect, especially if they are being criticized by leadership above.

Graduates do dreams of dreaming of their pants, indicating that they are not easy to find work after graduating from dreams, easy to touch the wall, may be related to their own professional.

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