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"Warriors and Journey" Posei Winter Runes with Raiders

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Many players in the Warriors and Journey games are still unclear, how to match the Poseic Winter is more appropriate. Next, Xiaobian brings you "Warriors and Journey" Poseic Winter Confuge with Raiders, and interested friends come to see it.

"Warriors and Journey" Posei Winter Runes with Raiders

1, Poseidon is very powerful in the past, there is a bit can't keep up in the medium term, and it is very strong in the later period.

2, this war's soul is worthy of cultivation as a high physical output, it is very easy to push, push towers, arena, high damage. The early injury is much higher than that is much higher than that must be formed.

3, first talk about the skills, all the enemies of a straight line in front of Ping A, accompanied by a high real harm, which is particularly useful in the early stage. After full level, the effect is included, less than 15% blood is directly killed, and the other party's soul, can't kill BOSS.

4, CD skills export, you can use some controllable BOSS, arena mainly use the highest enemy war soul of attack power, and full of 10% blood volume loss. You can make a mating control effect, forming more, or a copy of other control, keeping the BOSS.

5, there is 2 roles of the big trick, first, repeating the interrupt effect, but the hand is too slow to be interrupted. Second, dispersion of up to 3 gain buff, this big trick on the late arena is a bit of cattle, directly dispersing the opposite random BUFF, and no more gain buff can be obtained within 6 seconds. For example, Huibi Shou's team gain buff, once scattered, strength is big, but also can't continue, with T8 and its own reduction CD, the big trick of the Haiwang will break through 400, is the existence of burning.

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