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Free Character Wedding Sitter What is the eight-character fortune life for a more detailed introduction

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At the moment we were born, everyone has their own birthday and five-way nursing, and will be affected by the eight characters and five elements. If you can predict the blessing in advance, it is certainly better. If you really want to know the future of fate, we can analyze the life of life.


Heaven, Everbringer, Robbery, Day Lord, Zhengcai, Dynamic, Hexy, Czein, Ding Mi, Gengzi, Sub-branch, Robbery, Seven Kill, Sour God, Seven Kill, Birthtess: Yes, Czein, Ding is ugly, Geng, 2 water, 3 soil, 2 fire, 1 gold, no wood, this is to get your eight-word five lines of lack, among which water and downside. The yen is Ding, the yen represents yourself, the fire is not strong, indicating that you are weaker, Waohuo Fire, the work and life pressure, but there is also official luck, specific detailed plots, but also need to continue to understand.

What is the eight-word calculation?

The eight-character calculation is that our country has the most extensive application of the most commonly used calculation method. Make an analysis, the eight-character life can measure the situation of life, including all aspects of people's lives, such as character, six-pro, academic examination, work future, official transportation, fortune, marriage, health disease, interpersonal.

Prime personEight characters for a detailed introduction

Mid life, born in September of the Lunar New Year, the hand of spring and summer, the exchange of autumn and winter, the climate gradient, March water is beneficial, September wood is favorable, the land is not too taboo, will lead to progress in all aspects of life It is relatively slow, but there is no serious hindrance. The enthusiasm, born in the summer lunar calendar, hot, fire, fire, sputum , Because there is no waterfield in the summer, the trees are withered, and everything is not born. Peace and so on.