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"Naruto Retirers" March lucky to win the treasure

real teen faith real teen faith

Naruto mobile game recently launched a lucky treasure. Many small partners want to know how this activity is, today Xiaobian brings you "Naruto Returner Mobile Tour". Take a look at the little friends, hoping to help everyone.

"Naruto Retirers" March lucky to win the treasure

Activity time:

March 4 00:00 to March 10 24:00

Participation conditions:

Level ≥ 20


Students buy copper coins in the event interface to get lucky points, consume lucky points to get random rewards, and have the opportunity to get lucky stone. Take the treasure to achieve additional rewards. Every time the treasure will increase the lucky value, the higher the lucky value, the greater the probability of lucky stone, and after the lucky value reaches the full value, the next time the treasure must obtain lucky stone. Fortunate stone can be redeemed by dried fortune and other rare rewards.

The above is the full content of the "Naruto Ninja Mobile Tour" in March, more game Raiders, please continue to pay attention to 3DM mobile game network!