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"WeChat" collection code commercial version fee introduction

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WeChat collection code commercial version transaction withdrawal, etc. It is necessary to charge the fee, but for specific charging standards, everyone may not be clear. How much is the WeChat collection commercial version? The following small series brings you a detailed introduction, I hope to help you.

How much is the WeChat collection commercial version?

1. WeChat business collection code standard rate is 6%, but if the service provider expansion agent is open, the rate can be applied to 0.38% -0.3%, half of the standard ratio is half.

2. The specific fee is based on the product. It is usually charged according to the payment rate, and the payment product rate is 0.6%, and the pen is charged (such as the transaction income of 100 yuan, the service fee is 0.6 yuan).

3, if the service provider has a total of less than 1000 monthly, the service provider will get the transaction amount by 0.25% business collaboration fee. If the total number of foreign exchanges, the number of transactions in all the business is more than equal to 1000 The service provider will receive a business collaboration fee is a business transaction amount of the business, millimeters.

WeChat collection code rate 0.38 how to apply?

1, open WeChat, search the public number

2. Enter the public number dialog page to select WeChat collection small micro commercial household application

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