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"The strongest snail" March 26, what is the March 26, 2022?

real teen faith real teen faith

What is the strongest snail on March 26? The strongest snail tail order is the key to rapid gaining award, then there is no secret on March 26, what is wrong? Next, Xiaobian brings everyone to the strongest snail on March 26 secret order, I hope to help everyone.

The strongest snail on March 26 secret order

First, March 26 secret

The latest secret order:All of them are hot

Various festivals will also have new secrets. Generally, weekend secrets are not updated. If there is a new secret, it will generally appear in the afternoon.

Second, secret order

Real-time update secret

Third, secret exchange

1. First, the player can click the setting button in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Then you can find this secret in the settings.

3. EnterRanger network secretCopy can be used to use the secret, enter the secret order to get a lot of rewards.

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The above is the full content of the strongest snail on March 26, 2022, hoping to help you play.