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Tibet "savage hand footprints" selected "Archeology" magazine in 2021, "the world's top ten archaeological discoveries" find people call for protection(3)

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Beijing News reporter Qiu Sang Spa on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau ancient human footprints hand the discovery process and the urgent protection issues interviewed Professor Zhang Dian.

Spanning 30 years of "accidental" discovery

Beijing News: Qiu Sang Spa hand and foot prints are now a variety of local legend long history, and you are found in what chance is?

Zhang Dian: the first was in 1988, when I was doing doctoral thesis in the UK School of Geography, University of Manchester, the topic is the karst plateau, you need to do field investigation, I came to Lhasa reactor Long Qiu Kuwamura Deqing altitude of 4268 meters Qiu Sang spa. After completing the test water, the measured temperature, chemical sampling and so I walk everywhere, in the vicinity of large sinter calcium carbonate sedimentary rocks and saw a row of hand footprints, was already in the afternoon, they are very clear in the sunset.

I find it very interesting, because a lot of ideas out of the hot surface, original calcium bicarbonate ions dissolved in the water will be a substantial precipitation of calcium carbonate ooze at the local, these very soft ooze when it was new, can provide "drawing board for the creation of hand footprints "course of time will gradually harden into rock-like carbonic acid, so these should be hand footprints left early, not now made.

Qiu Sang in Tibetan is "good water" means natural hot springs on the Banpo Tibetan pilgrimage has been taking a bath treatment where, at the time a pond and a stone house. A small village on the hillside opposite the spring, is said to be Tubo Chisongdezan physician-Extension-cloud Dangong Bu's birthplace, is also the birthplace of Tibetan medicine. But around that day Qiu Sang Spa I am a man, far from there herders saw me taking pictures came to say hello to me, saying those are "savages" hand footprints, then the matter will be put down.

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