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Tibet "savage hand footprints" selected "Archeology" magazine in 2021, "the world's top ten archaeological discoveries" find people call for protection(2)

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Qiu Sang spa hand footprints color rendering 3D scanning model. Respondents for map

Ancient human calcium carbonate ooze pressure on the opposing hand footprints simulation diagram creation.

In January this year, Zhang Dian (pictured right) and Qiu Sang village secretary to discuss matters relating to the protection of ancient human footprints hand. Respondents for map

According to Beijing News (Reporter: Liu Chong): Recently, the world's most authoritative academic journal Archeology "Archeology" magazine named its 2021 "World's top ten archaeological discoveries." Egypt "lost city of gold" - Valley of the Kings in Luxor is located in the ancient city ruins of Aton (Aten) list ranked first. Ranked second is the earliest human art of ancient relics from the ancient human hand footprints of scholars, Guangzhou University, Professor Zhang Dian and others in Tibet Qiu Sang spa found, and this is by far the world discovered.

Zhang Dian long been engaged in the landscape and natural environment, research and teaching, its research covers earth science, geography, environmental science, archeology and the humanities. Former Head of Geography University of Hong Kong, now a professor named for the major national talent project, Honorary Fellow "Hundred Talents Program" Distinguished Professor of Guangzhou University, honorary professor at the University of Hong Kong, Progress In physical geography journals senior editorial board, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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