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The volcanic hotspot of the earth is cool

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Earth's volcanic hotspot is cool (NASA / Wikimedia Commons)

According to EUREKALERT !: According to a new study, the hotspot similar to Hawaii, Iceland or Galapagos Islands, etc., and may not be derived from the active lava puff in the deep mantle of the earth. These findings questioned the classic fate theory of hotspots.

Two types of volcanic activities were observed on the surface of the Earth. The main type occurs where the constructor meets, and is driven by a large-scale annulus of the planet mantle. Another type is "hotspot" volcano in isolated onboard, which is considered to be a red heat rise from the depth of mage, and the active rising feather is supplied, and its ultra high temperature (TEX) is more than those of the ridges located in the yang ridge. 100-300 degrees Celsius. However, the estimation of volcanic hotspot TEX is limited to geographic coverage and is often inconsistent with individual hotspots.

In order to determine if the ocean hotspot is indeed more hot than the ocean ridge, Xiyuanbao and colleagues convert the seismic speed measurements from the ocean ridges and hotspots to temperature. In contrast to previous hypothesis, Bao et al. Found that some hotspots were extremely cool. According to the author disclosed, although about 45% of the fever supply hotspots are hot (TEX is 155 ° C or higher), about 40% of the hot spot temperature is not sufficient to move from deep mantles. More importantly, 15% of the hotspots are cold (TEX is 36 ° C or lower).

BAO et al. Suggests that the cold spots may originate from the depth of the upper mantle, or by deep Yuzi, these patizers are joined and cooled by small-scale convection.