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Dream of dessert

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of desserts, get this dream, five elements, dreams of sweet things, five elements represent the soil, the main business is more than the signs of cooperation with others, get along with the harmony, and wealth.Summer dreams, spring dreams are unlucky.

Dreaming in the external question, we want to make a fortune in the southwest, the career can help others, come to the northeast, the main wealth is not good, and this dream and the people who are cow, the people who are the snake, and the careerIt can be improved, this is a mega of Xiangrui.

Seeking scholars dream, intelligent, academic performance has improved, this is Daji Chang.

Single men have a dream of this dream, a large-scale relationship, the meaning of emotional things, can not be in touch with the other party, life is unfavorable.

Middle-aged man has this dream, even if there is noble person to help, everything is not effective with him, it is natural, it can be good.

The elderly have a dream, the body is healthy, life is happy, and her children are smart and profit, the family is full, but the young year, this is Ji Zhao.