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Dream of mountain peaks

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Dreaming of mountain peaks, I have a five-line main soil, but it is a symbol of glutulent. If you have more noble people, you should listen to the persuasion from others, you can't have a small loss, do things downally, and fortune can accumulate, summer dream Geely, Autumn dreams are unlucky.

Single man dreams of mountain peaks, five elements, and there are more people who are more helpful. Everything should be cautious, can not be large due to small loss.

The woman who is just married dreams that the signs of the peak, the main wealth is unfavorable, and it is difficult to smooth, it is difficult to treat it with others, and cannot claim.

The elderly have this dream, the gastrointestinal disease, the physical condition is not good, because the little things are dispatched with others, and there are more uncomfortable things, and they are not happy.

The people who seek school dream of mountain peaks, and the stupid bird will fly to the signs, but they are doing things sincere, down-to-earth, and they can be good luck.

Engaged in finance, wealth management, etc.