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Dream of buying and selling

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming of buying, selling, five lines of maintenance, I have symbol of this dream, rich fortune, prosperity and humiliation with him, the cause is more improved, and everything is not arbitrary, and there is an escape in the heart, the autumn dream Geely, The spring dream is not good.

Single woman dreams, the career is high, there are many signs of small people around, only the doctors are generous, do things sincere, can help others help, life, don't be the belly of the heart of the villain.

Middle-aged men have this dream, the owner loves the world, and the people are in harmony with him, and there is a sign of the financial increase, and everything is not anxious to be in a hurry.

In recent investment intentions, this dream is a sign of notifications. It is unfavorable in people who are unfavorable.

The entrepreneur dream, the little man is quite a sign, although it is persistent from others, it should be distinguished, the impulse is more unfavorable.

Engaged in construction, steel materials, etc.