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Dreaming of rapeseed floral

real teen faith real teen faith

Dreaming that the rape flower is flushed, the five-line main wood, it is the meaning of emotions, treating with others with sincerity, deep friendship, full relationship, even if there is a person's ability, should be cautious, can not be due to small loss,The spring dream is unlucky, and the autumn dreams are unlucky.

In the extent of the people's dream, seek money in the southwest, the career can help others, go to the northeast, wealth, but there is a small person entangled, there is no loss, the dream and the people who are a cow, Jointly ask for a wealth, and the tenth is the sign of the wealth, and career.

Single man is unfavorable, the peach blossom is quite, the emotion is not emotional, and the opposite sex is too entangled, and there is a signs of troubles.

The dream of the elderly, the family relationship is not equal, due to the rest of the children, there is more uneasy signs, and more troublesome.

I got this dream of nurses, medical workers, five lines of main wood, career, careful, and long-lasting skills, the cause is more good.