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Detailed explanation of 解 personality

This article mainly introduces the personality detailed explanation of the 元 本 yen. What is Wu soil yen? What is the personality of the Wu soil yen? What are their advantages and disadvantages? What is the way to do? What are the contents of the Wu soil yen? If you want to know, let's take a look at the relevant content below!

Sometimes we feel that we do n’t look good, either the nose is not strong enough, or the eyes are too small, and we always envy those people with big eyes. So what types of eyes are there? What does it mean?

Dan Fengyan: The eyes are long and beautiful, and the black and white are clear. It is the most beautiful eye in the world. People with this eye, wisdom and cleverness, rich feelings, and artistic genius.

Longan: This kind of person is loyal and is the most trusted person.

Tiger eyes: The eyes are like tiger, majestic, general, general.

Eyes are long and slightly curved: optimistic, and silk, longevity.

Crane Eye: This kind of person is extraordinary, noble and honest.

Deer eye: sexuality, emotion, righteousness, is a confidant friend.

Horse Eye: This kind of person is mediocre, his ambition is not high, and he is loyal.

Monkey Eye: Deep, suspicious, lust, cunning, treacherous, greedy.

Fish Eye: Stupid, clumsy, short -lived person.

Sheep's eyes: The eyes are revealing, like dead people, such people are treacherous and evil, lonely and ruthless, they must not be good

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