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Children's name_Name with an elegant girl with a book aroma temperament

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  • 1. Analysis of girl names with a scent of scent
  • 2. The name of an elegant girl with a book aroma temperament
  • 3. The name of a girl with a scent of scent

Su Shi wrote in the poem "Farewell to Dong Chuan", "The Boy Tibetan Mo Huaizhu Valley, the poetry of the belly is self -primary", a person who reads a poem, learns to have a successful person, natural talent is naturally, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant, elegant Glory. Therefore, we often say that in your temperament, the book you read, and if you want to be a person with a masterpiece of poetry, then the name is inseparable from the strong classic book aroma. Therefore, I will share with you some of the names todayThe elegant girl name with the aroma temperamentEssence

Analysis of girl names with a scent of scent

Yun Qian comes from "Spring Spring Machine": "Yubi draws water in Tonghuajing, Qianzi Shenshui is like a cloud shadow." Yun refers to Yuncai in the sky, Qian refers to Qiancao, and in ancient Chinese, it also refers to "dark red", which means that Bright and lush. This name is of beautiful, representing girls with dazzling and highness as clouds, with a gorgeous life.

Tian Jian comes out of "Chen Shu Xiao Qian Biography". The meaning of the name is simple and beautiful, and there is a sense of tranquility and simplicity; it represents her parents hope that she has a carefree, simple and happy beautiful wish; I hope that girls can simply grow up And the name of the name sounds good and the meaning is beautiful.

Yueshu is from "The Goddess Fu": "It is less advanced, and the bright moon is comfortable." The legend of Mingyue was mostly related to women. Symbol of development, calmness, describing girls with good appearance, wishes, carefree.

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