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The folk soil soil method is the fastest way to recruit wealth spells in the folk

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Li Jiacheng loves 貔貅, Jack Ma loves Golden Chan, Faye Wong Jet Li loves amulets. Their careers, wealth, and stars are inseparable from Feng Shui to change luck! Gu Xian believes that the so -called "three -point destiny, seven points after seven points; knowing life, can be changed." It is the essence of Feng Shui. Can wealth be changed! What are the fastest ways to recruit money in the people. Today, I have compiled the following methods of people's wealth and soil and the fastest way to recruit wealth spells.

Method of folk soil soil

Yu Muyue Guangsheng Finance Law

Place a empty bowl on the roof in the precipitation season, at least seven days. If you can get rainwater seven days, bring the bowl back to the room to prevent the sunlight, let him bathe the moonlight every night, and persist for seven days. After seven days, put the water in the bowl in a small bottle, put the small bottle in a bag or clothes pocket, and carry it every day.

Wulou welcoming the wind and wealth law

Prepare a small red cloth bag, embroidery or paint the gossip pattern on the cloth bag, and then mix the five -color beans (soybeans, black beans, mung beans, red beans, rice) with salt, then put it in the cloth bag, tie the red thread tightly with the red line tight seal. During the New Year, hang this red cloth bag on your own porch or in front of the store to welcome the wind. As long as there is wind blowing or someone passing by, this red cloth bag can play a effect of dispeling obscurity, adding popularity and wealth. This The so -called "five beans welcomes the wind and wealth law", this method must be replaced once a year.

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