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At different times, what does Sneeze Sneeze and Sneess?

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There are often people who sneezed in life in life to exclude the possibility of a cold. There is often a saying that one is that someone misss you, and even two people scold you. Even three people are thinking about you, so sneezing represents representatives. What? In fact, sneezing in fortune tellers can also predict good or bad. The meaning of sneezing different times is different. Let ’s take a look at the specific saying of sneezing and bad at different times!

Different time sneeze sneezing

Zi Shi (23-01) indicates that someone will invite you to have a lot of strangers to eat together, but the scene is very lively and has the opportunity to meet new friends.

Ugly (01-03) indicates that someone is missing you and wants to see you, or some guests come to ask for something.

Yin Shi (03-05) indicates that someone meets and eats with others.

Time (05-07) indicates that wealth is coming, so we may wish to seek money, and the chance is relatively high. Or someone will ask you what happened.

Chen Shi (07-09) indicates that someone may invite you to dinner, or something happening.

Shi Shi (09-11) indicates that a friend will come to ask for money to borrow money and the like.

At noon (11-13p), it is foreshadowed by a noble guest. You may invite guests from afar and wait for them.

Weishi (13-15 o'clock) indicates that someone invites you to dinner, and Geely's things will happen to you.

Shen Shi (15-17) indicates that you must be careful about dietary problems, beware of heart disease from the mouth. And gastrointestinal disease.

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