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What is the origin and custom of the Mid -Autumn Festival in 2022, the spring festival day, autumn sacrifice moon

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The Mid -Autumn Festival has a long history and culture and the tradition of thousands of years. We know that the Mid -Autumn Festival is the moon, and the most round is also ushered in a bumper harvest in autumn. People are celebrating happiness. , The far -reaching emotions in my heart. The thoughts of the hometown and the thoughts of family members are expressed through Mid -Autumn Festival.

What is the origin and custom of the Mid -Autumn Festival in 2022

The main origin of the Mid -Autumn Festival is actually because there are very rich harvests at this time in August. Our various fruits and vegetables and crops such as rice and crops in the rice have ushered in a bumper harvest. Although we have paid 100%of their efforts to these farming, we still attribute this kind of credit to a gift of nature. Therefore, we never take the gift of nature for granted, so we will hold sacrifice activities to thank everything for nature. Slowly, it was formed to express emotions by sacrificing the moon, and the moon and Mid -Autumn Festival were united.

Mid -Autumn Festival customs

In the Mid -Autumn Festival, people like to eat moon cakes, because there is a saying that it is good, the Mid -Autumn Festival moon cakes are sweet and sweet in August, so people gradually combine the moon viewing and moon cakes. Moving some tables, the chair was placed on the courtyard outside, looking at the moonlight for a round, and a sweet -scented osmanthus wine or osmanthus tea was placed on the moon hand. At this time, the moon cakes in their hands and chatting with friends and relatives became the happiest things in the Mid -Autumn Festival.

Mid -Autumn Festival in Sichuan

In the Mid -Autumn Festival in Sichuan, in addition to eating moon cakes, there are also various lively customs, such as fighting dumplings, killing ducks, and eating hemp cakes. It is precisely because of this place with a very rich food culture that we can see a variety of diets on the Mid -Autumn Festival, and the dishes are on the dining table. At the same time, there is also an event called dancing star incense ball along the street. There are even land god sacrifices for the Mid -Autumn Festival. On the Mid -Autumn Festival, it was lively.