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What are the characteristics of infinity lines

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"Infinite Time Line" is a first -person plot -drive single -machine puzzle game about time manipulation, selection and results, and there are many characteristics of the game. For example You can watch and change any number of times.

What are the characteristics of infinity lines

Choose how to promote the game plot according to your own ideas.

The complete narration of the content covers all the six protagonists, and multiple decisions that run through multiple timelines. Players can experience it as they choose.

You can only focus on one specific character's story line at a time, follow the character's selection in the entire timeline, and then look back to follow up with another role.

You can restore the entire story like a forensic doctor, observe the final result of the story, and then reverse thinking along the timeline -generally to observe the effect, and then determine the reason.

Or you can simply watch everything in the order of time, experience the entire timeline slowly, and then change the decision made by the role in the progress of this week.

You can watch and change any number of things

What happened in a certain incident? It is not satisfied with the result after changing the decision? It doesn't matter. As long as you go back along the timeline, watch and change any content, as long as you want, how many times you can.

Change the past and affect the future

Set the temporary base in this house, and the time is a few hours after the fire occurs, so as to form a unique perspective of the incident. When you look back at the timeline, the past events will be played in front of you like a shadow, and the cigarette and fire -damaged houses have been reminding you to happen. Moreover, when you manipulate the past, the environment around you can be reset to match the changes. Some new items will appear, and other things will change the position in the house, and the indoor items will basically change the corresponding changes with you change the past.

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