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The names of the boutique store name Daquan and the exquisite words

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In some shopping malls, we often see the shadow of the boutique, because the items in the boutique are generally more exquisite, so they have attracted many customers to pick up the purchase. If you want to open a good boutique, ask us to give it a creative name. Let's learn together.

Creative boutique name

1. Use a representative item to start name: Boutique store items are more, not only more products, but the type is also complete, so this store name is often ran, and you can use the store. Single items or products are named, which can be convenient for others, but also make customers more clear goals.

2, with "exquisite": The so-called boutique store is exquisite, or others will not run to the boutique to buy, so when they are named, they will be hooked with "exquisite", they will let customers from the name. I can penetrate, and the names are also very good, in line with the store characteristics.

3, according to the store style: When you are named to the store, don't just think about what you like, which is what you like, it is necessary to make it according to the decoration style, this is also harmonious, leaving a good impression on the customer, nor There is a name and the store does not correspond.

Creative boutique name example

1. Cherish the boutique

Love is loved, true love, both express the attitude towards customers, and "love" is also telling you that you can love the ornaments you like.

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