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How is the "Elden Law" superstar hammer? Superstar hammer access method sharing

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How does the Aldennda rings? The superstar hammer is a very good equipment in the game. Many small partners don't know how to get superstar hammers. The following small series brings the Aldennd Rover Giant Hammer to share, let's take a look.

Aldennda Ring Superstar Hammer Getting Method Sharing

The weapon was opened by the Yaman Plateau Giants, you went to pick it up, called Master friends to lose it. If you don't have a friend, the shield is one hand.


1, the hammer system weapon, hit the damage, tighten the thief.

2, enhanced by ordinary forged stones, taking the gust can be customized, what do you like?

3, suggest that the old cold legs, two down bursts, three bohem blood. Special monsters and ice always want to eat one, hurt objective.

4, double attack, attack the module excellent.


1, compared to other big hammers weapons, it is a bit short.

2, the big hammer system weapon is common, the attack speed is slow.

3, close to the battle, no remote. Taturation is recommended to use ice cream, perfectly solved, and fit with the enchantment.

The above is to share the Aldenndh Ring Superstar Hammer, I hope to help everyone, I want to know more about the relevant Raiders, I can continue to pay attention to the Ranger. Every day, I will push the latest and most complete. Raiders, don't miss it.