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Desk Front Feng Shui Board can be worn with people's body and mind

real teen faith real teen faith

Many young people prefer to decorate their own works. Some people like to attach a variety of pictures, and some people like to put their differential dolls. In fact, for those who pay attention to Feng Shui, the work desk can not put a variety of things at will, still have a certain payment. Placing the right ornapping can play unexpected effects.

Access, improve the feet

For young people, you can make your own mood happy at the desk. Many girls like to put plush toys at the desk, cartoon toys, put some cute savilies or some small animals. Experts believe that if they are beautifully styling, meaningful and auspicious, let us look at them when tired, and wake up the brain. Some things can also be radiated, which is really a good choice for people who are sitting in front of the computer.

Green planting, beauty and eye-catching

Many companies prefer to raise some green plants, increase the angry of the office environment, look so lonely. In general, the plants of the big leaves are better, and if the company allows the desk to put some small bonsies. When you are tired, look at it, let's mitigate your eye fatigue, and you can release part of the working pressure. But one thing to pay attention to, if there is no other green plants in the surround, it is best not to make a category of cactica. When these green plants appear in the office, you will immediately find a lot of mood, after a long time in the computer, relax your eyes, look at some green plants to relieve the fatigue of a job, keep your mind and mind .

Copper Tall Tower

Different people can place the dragon turtles in different places according to their needs, and the office workers can place a dragon turtle on their own desk. Especially if it is not smooth, if you are squeezed with a small person, you will choose a dragon turtle on the desk, you will get the appreciation of your help and the boss, you will work well. In addition to the company, if you put a dragon turtle at home, the role will be more obvious.