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Dream of lily

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Dream of lilyWhat means? Do you dream of seeing lily? Dreaming of a realistic impact and reaction of the lily, and there is also the subjective imagination of the dream, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the lily of the lily by Zhou Gongli.

Lily is beautiful, peaceful, pure. In the emotion, I symbolize a hundred years of good, marriage happiness.

Dreaming of lily, dreaming of dreams, or has improved social status, and the position is improved.

Dreaming that your home is full of blooming, saying that your work will get the return, and the position will be improved.

Dreaming of lily in the valley, indicating that you are sweet, and the future family life is happy and harmonious.

Dreaming of yourself in the lily, expressing the direction of the peaceful life in your heart.

Dreaming yourself in picking lilies, indicating that you are about to live with peace.

Dreaming of receiving the lily flowers sent by others, indicating that they will be favored by others in communication, will become objects that others pay attention.

Dreaming of lily is damaged, it is a bad sign, there is a risk of interpersonal relationship or emotional rupture.

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Dream solution: lily flower is often used to make the garland used in the funeral, so it can symbolize death, but sometimes represent noble and elegant. Dreaming of yourself, saying that you are a quiet life. Dreaming of you picking lilies (especially women doing such a dream), you have already lived a peaceful life.

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