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How to prevent waterproof and moisture underground renovation

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Many houses are now self-contained, such as villas, foreign rooms, first floor commercial housing, etc., the basement space is basically given, so how to prevent water protection? Let's take a look at you.

1,Wall floor brush waterproof coating: basement waterproof can follow anti-block, row-binding, wall ground can be tiled to waterproof, but you want to brush waterproof coatings before the brick. The wall can also use waterproof putty to construct, it is necessary to make some hair in the surface of the construction, it can be better absorbed, evaporated, the evaporation, then the batch shaving the waterproof putty, the last surface is the face paint of water resistant, with multiple prevention It is more likely to avoid moisture.

2,Installing a dehumidifier: Timely waterproof measures in the basement, but it is also inevitable that there will be moisture, mold, etc., this time can be installed with a dehumidifier, it is best to be movable, where is the wet place.

3,Installing a ventilation device: The basement is a lot of time because of the lack of ventilation. If there is a window in the basement, you can solve the ventilation problem. If there is no window, it is best to install a ventilation equipment to strengthen the ventilation effect of the basement and take moisture.

The above is Xiaobian to share the floor-to-water moisture-proof method to share with you, and the small partners need can understand.