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"Naruto Hand Tour" 势 乌 冬 博 传 传技 能 分析 分析 分析

real teen faith real teen faith

"Naruto Hand Tour", Iemi Wumdo is a new ninja recently, many players want to know how his skills, then today Xiaobian will introduce you to Naruto Hand Tour Yiwu Dongbo people Analysis, the small partners need not to miss.

"Naruto Hand Tour" 势 乌 冬 博 传 传技 能 分析 分析 分析

Pulling skill

After the Emperor's Pulling 4A, there will be a small back to the body. After the 4A moves the arrow keys, it can be canceled. Therefore, it is recommended to cooperate with the direction key movement for the universal attack.

2. A skill skill

A skill attack is far away, suitable for remote touchpoint. After the release, there will be about 3 seconds to make the wind in the hands of swords. The distance between the hands and swords is fixed, and the position can also sweep the opponent behind him.

If a skill is hit, it is recommended that the students will try to hit the opponent "stickers" in 3 seconds, and use the flying effect of the wind to continue to attack.

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