real teen faith

Short sentence domineering

real teen faith real teen faith

1, the rest is still very long, don't explain everything in advance, and enjoy the scenery while you have a look. Everything will come slowly.

2, life caucae, fall into the fall, it is inevitable. However, no matter how many times have fallen, you must stand up again.

3, tired life, always have some gentle dreams, I hope that everything is really unattime, I hope that every effort is harvest, I hope everything is as you wish.

4, life is very realistic, when you are not, you can only look low, let others say it. And waiting for you to have a certain level, you have the opportunity to say.

5, pain is a positive thing, happy happiness is something that is negatively does not exist. The so-called happy happiness is to lift the pain, no pain is happiness.

6, teenagers are unknown, elderly is a known loneliness; unique middle age, Jiangshan has been fixed, the future is full, the split seconds can be dominated, fully enjoy.

7. The world's appearance depends on your gaze, your value depends on your pursuit and mentality. All good wishes, not waiting in the waiting, but strive!

8, frustration will come, will pass, tears will flow, will also be collapsed, there is nothing to make me discouraged, because I have a long life, and I am working hard, I will always come.

9, life is not happy to see the mood, fortunately, not happiness. In life, everything is not seen in a glance, the first time spring breeze can't calculate what, it is not possible to count.

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