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Japanese submarine volcanic Fukutoku-Okanoba eruption(3)

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Fukutok-Okanoba also left its traces on the sea. Among the Landsat 8 images, the sides of a new parentheses are outlined out of the silhouette of the volcano. It is still not clear that these features have been launched; the volcano has created a short volcanic ash and float island, which was eroded shortly after the formation. According to the global volcanic activity plan of Smithson, the most recent island of the volcano is formed in 1986.

The Landsat 8 images also show several "float rafts" that floats in the northwest of the sprout. Satellite Land Image (OLI) On August 17, 202, a few days after the start of the volcanic broke out, a focused gray "float raft" image was photographed.

Pumice is less than one of the rock types that can float, which is because many air-filled holes and holes found in surface tension and rocks. This "float raft" can drift in the ocean for a few months or even a few years. In the process of drifting, volcanic rocks often attract a variety of forms of life, from moscedries to the canes to crabs.

However, it is very dangerous to marine creatures. In addition to scratching hulls and propellers, floating floppicins will block the cooling system and the engine. Tupper said: "The aviation and ocean warning systems for remote submarine volcanoes are still vigorously developed. The most advanced satellite data combines with water surface observations, so that we have the best opportunity to respond in time."

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