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Japanese submarine volcanic Fukutoku-Okanoba eruption(2)

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According to NASA, Ghassan Taha, NASA, August 14, NASA Cloud-aerosol orthogonal polarized laser radar (Caliop) detected that the furcaster was up to 16 kilometers.

The water near the spout plays a key role in determining the explosive of the submarine hair. "Explosive and water and erupted '- volcanic gas, volcanic ash and lava proportion," Volcanician Erik Klemetti, Dennison University, explained: "Compared with the eruptive, there is a small volcanic explosive. Relative For eruption, the volcano of water is stronger than the explosive. If this hair is in the shallow water area, for example only a few meters, then the presence of water will enhance explosive. "

Scientists and aviation groups closely track volcanic eruptions because volcanic ash may constitute risks on the aircraft. The volcanic ash is made up of tiny, serrated rock and glass particles, which can damage the jet engine, and even cause them to fail. When the volcanic ash rises to the normal cruise height of the jet - approximately 10 kilometers (6 miles), it will constitute a special threat. Tupper said: "The problem of new volcano broke out is that due to the risk of volcanic ash fall, it may be difficult to determine whether the pilot is safe." In this case, the Tokyo Volcanic Consulting Center of the Japanese Meteorological Hall is out of the volcanic A volcanic ash consultation is issued to the pilot within a few hours. Multiple flights flying to Japan are therefore canceled.

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