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Japanese submarine volcanic Fukutoku-Okanoba eruption

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Japanese submarine volcanic Fukutoku-Okanoba eruption

According to CNBETA: Foreign media reports, in the past decade, the Japanese Coast Guard occasionally discovered into a piece of milk blue water in the 5 km north of NATO. These discolored water have been subtle to people, a live volcanic mountain top - Fukutoku-okanoba - laid about 25 meters under the water.

However, on August 13, 2021, there is more than just discolored water. A photo of a coastal guard airline near volcano shows that a towering gas rises to a few kilometers high - this undoubtedly shows that explosive "Surtseyan" erupting is under explosive.

Satellite observations and follow-up flights provide more details. Japan Still Track Satellite Himawari 8 is one of the first batch of satellites observing volcanic eruptions, showing the beginning of volcanic eruption at 6 o'clock on August 12th. When NASA TERRA satellite, the MODIS sensor has obtained the first image of the event on August 13, it shows a bright feather - may be steam and volcano Gas - extends from the spout and extends to west for hundreds of kilometers.

The persistence and activity of the smoke fever are surprised. Natural Disaster Consulting Company's meteorologist, Air Disaster Expert Andrew Tupper explained: "The extraordinary place of this eruption is that it turns directly from the subsea incident into hair cloud, reaching the lower boundary of the flat layer. For this type The volcano is not very common. We usually see the low-rise smoke feather from the sea. "

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