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"Warriors and Journey" Touhemdal Runes Recommended

real teen faith real teen faith

Many players in the Warriors and journey games are still unclear, how to match the Hemdar Runes. Next, let Xiaobian brings "Warriors and Journey" to Hemdal Rune with recommendation, and interested friends will come together.

"Warriors and Journey" Touhemdal Runes Recommended

1, rune:

Preferably, 4 cases, sharing team teammates, increase their defense. 2 pieces can be selected, further enhance the ability of the injured capacity or exciting.

2, matching:

It used to be used in a lot of the martial arts, but the current role is still a bit relative to the ancient and sea brothers. In the arena, if there is a must, you can take him to restrain. Inside the team, there is a good time, and it will choose Arthur or the sea.

The above is the "Warriors and Journey" Touhemdard, which is recommended, more hand of the game, please pay attention!