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Does the door shoe cabinet, how to get the door shoe cabinet

real teen faith real teen faith

The spring blossoms, and in the spring, this is a feast season. I believe that many small partners want to add more colors to their lives. Many small friends will have habits that buy flowers and decorates. They will generally be in the entry-entry, or the shoe cabinet, so today we will see if the shoe cabinet is suitable for.

Lily flower

The lilies itself is very suitable for being at home as a decoration, not only pleasing, but also makes the family full of aroma. But remember that you can not place rose, or a cactus, because they have a thorn, sharp thorn, affirmed that the suffocating is very heavy, which is not conducive to the harmony and tranquility of the home environment. In addition, we must pay attention to the behavior, once the lilies are dead, to be replaced in time. After all, the original intention of us is also a huge house, wither the flowers are not good to be from ornamental or feng shui, and it is even more disadvantageous for the fortune and gas field.


The scorpion is blooming, the aroma ushered in. The gardenia is not only fragrant, but also very nice, and the viewing is excellent. The gardenia flower is intertwined with pure and kind, and the family can make frankness and sincerity, and will not be considerate from each other because of small things. In addition, you can also put money and grass, which can make money fortune, as the name suggests, so the gas field at home will become a fortune, full of money.

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