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How is the ABO blood type identified

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I don't know how much readers know about ABO blood type. If you already know your blood type, please understand the process of checking the blood type, there is a chance to show off from the dead party. Perhaps they can also guide them to detect their blood type. If you still don't know your own blood type, try to check it yourself. Many people are now busy every day, maybe they must squeeze bus every day, and even go to entertainment and contact business everywhere, and don't want to go to the hospital. In this case, this book will explain the formal blood test process and simple family blood test. Blood type identification refers to the process of determining blood type through scientific experiments. The complexity of the identification method can be divided into two types of medical and domestic; use a variety of blood type systems as standards, can be divided into ABO blood type examination, RH blood type examination and other blood type examination. Medical blood type identification method is very complicated, of course, the results are also more accurate. This kind of method is only briefly introduced here. There are two major categories of blood type detection methods used in medicine, which are gel microcollides and brine (physiological saline). The gel microcepusion method refers to a method of observing the antigen present on the blood cells in the gel microcapper (a medium), and observes the reaction condition of the antibody in the blood cells and the opposite of the blood. This method is scientifically and is accurate. There are two methods of salt water condensation, which can be divided into slide and test tube method in accordance with different and mixing speeds of the tools. The former uses a straw to drop blood serum on a slide and mix it together, and then placed the slide under the microscope to observe the mixing conditions of both. This method is simple and fast, and it can quickly test a large number of blood samples, but the time consumption of blood natural fusion is too long, and the test process is too slow. Moreover, if the blood sample antibody is active, hemodlock will not condense and may result in erroneous conclusions. This method is too much affected by the outside world, so it does not apply to identification of antibodies with anti-original testing. In contrast, the test tube detection method does not have the above disadvantage. After dripping serum and red blood cells, the experimenter can use a centrifuge to accelerate the reaction velocity of serum and antigen in the test tube. After completely mixing, it is completely mixed to observe whether the red blood cell is dispersed, whether it is uniform, and has no condensation. According to the results, it can be divided into several equals: a small condensation, a small number of red blood cells; particulate condensation, small red blood cell dispersion, small particulate condensation, half red blood cell dispersion, particles can be observed by the naked eye; a small red blood cell condensation; no red blood cell condensation. If the blood type system is used as a standard, it can be divided into ABO blood type examination, RH blood type examination and other blood type examination. Now let's talk about these identification methods. ABO blood type detection method refers to a method of detecting and identifying the antigen from red blood cells in the blood. The blood has a common type A, B, O-type, AB-type three types of blood types, named nimtangered with antigens and there is no standards. The antigens of A and B on erythropots are not O-type blood, and the A antigen is found to be A-type blood. It is found that B antigen is B-type blood. The test method is the slide method. A cleansing slide is tested on both A and B types of serum. After the collection of blood samples, the red blood cells were isolated and diluted, and then this diluent was dropped into two serums, respectively. A and B serum are condensed, and the AB type blood, the A serum and B serum are not O-type blood; A serum condensation and B serum is not condensed by the B-type blood, and the serum is not condensed and B is condensed. A type blood. Since the antigen will cause blood condense, A serum contains anti-A antibody in A serum in the antibody reaction. This method of identification is called brine coagulation. When it is determined by identifying antigens in erythrocytes and antibodies in the serum, an unknown antigen can be detected by known antibodies, and an unknown antibody can also be detected by known antibodies. This method is often used in medical blood transfusion and organ transplants, and newborn baby hemolytic examination and identification and blood relationship appraisal can also be used. RH blood type detection method was named another antigen RH in human red blood cells. The blood of the ABO blood type system is exposed to such an antigen, and it is negative blood. This detection method is to detect that there is no Rh antigen in red blood cells, with RH antibodies to detect blood samples, and the condensation is positive blood, which is negative blood.