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What is the day of the Huangdao Ji Japanese inquiry on February 16, 2022?

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To know that this is a custom of our older generation. Will make us have a smooth development, so you should look forward to today's Ji.

February 16, 2022, Yue Queu: Wednesday, 2022, 2022

Lunar Calendar: Two Erons (Big) Sixteen

Dried budget: 寅 寅 日

Zodiac: It is Tiger

Peng Zu Baijie: Geng does not have a weave anemone, do not ask 卜 自惹 殃

Far: rushing to horses (Midnife)

神 宜 宜: 天 恩 堂

Murderous God should: Wanted a thief

[Yi] Do not take care of the plug


This day, what is unable to do, so this day is Huangdaoji.

When the Japanese is queried [23-1] Rushing the horse, the moon, the lunch, the white tiger, everyone, big, greedy

Y: Sacrifice pray for the gods, seeking money, seeing expensive engagement marriage, building a burial Qinglong

Avoid: White Tiger must use the unicorn to make a unsatisfactory

Ugly time [1-3] 冲 东 东 己 己 己 不 不 三 符 合 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 符 唐 唐 唐 唐 唐 唐 唐 唐 唐 唐 唐 唐 符 符 符


[3-5 points] Monkey, the monkey, the north, the temples

忌: Shangliang Garn

[5-7] 冲 鸡 西 西 时 辛 酉 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 元 入:


Chen time [7-9] rushing the dog, when the dog

Avoid: sacrifices to blessing

Time [9-11 points] rushing pigs, Shifang


午 [11-13 points] rushing to the North Times Huiji Silk Ji Lu Qinglong Tiangui Yi: Going to the trip to see the business to marry the marriage to housing the city burial blessing

Avoid: Building an electric

No [13-15 points] Wheel, squirrel

Refer to:

Shenxuan [15-17] Taoji, Shiwang, Shifen Road, Luo Zi Liu Yiyi: Ask for a fortune to marry the burial

Avoid: sacrifices to blessing

When 酉 时 [17-19] rushing to the rabbit, the buddy, the road, the sudden, the Sakura Road, three in the long life: ask for the way to marry, ask for money, open market trading

Avoid: Suzaku must use the Phoenix to make a good thing to sacrifice and pray for fast.

时 [19-21 points] Huanlong north, Hessian, Jinqi Fu Deyi: pray for engagement marriage

Avoid: Going to travel

Hai Shi [21-23] Chong snake is wi-wiped, there is a sunrise: