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Rui taken the name of the boy, the name of the name

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Ruiyi comes from "clever wise", we often use this word to express a person very smart, and Rui itself has a smart meaning. Parents want to give their children a good name, I hope the child is smart, lively, cute. Inside the name in the name, it is a expectation of parents to the child. It also reflects that parents have deep love for their children. Let's take a look at how to name the boy with Ruiyi.

Male baby name skills with the words of the atmospheric masculin, the famous parents can use the words of the atmospheric masculin, using these words, the name can reflect the boy's generous and versatile, such as "Feng, Hong, Mountain, Sichuan, Jiang", etc. It is very good to name the natural scene of the gas. And these words are used in the name, sounds very nice, and it is also the domineering characteristics of the animal. The word named with the atmospheric masculine will be named, which can reflect the mother's atmosphere and men's spirit, and also reflect the beauty of the parents.

With the virtual words and the real words, the name of the boy is very important, and the personal unique sense is very important. I want to have a personality name, my parents can choose the name of the virtual words and the real words. Such a name is better than the ordinary name, giving people fresh, novelty, and more Confucian, there is a book.

The method of learning from all the words is a crystallization of the ancient literati, and the names of the name can also make the name philosophy and increase the name of the name. Therefore, when you are named by the boy, you can learn from the methods of allusions. You can also use the "class" to play, give your new meaning or new words, so that the name is also intriguing. Allusions are the essence of Chinese traditional culture, which is meaningful, draw on the name of the creation, will look very chamiferous and artistic conception.

Nice male baby Ruiwi named case [Ruikai] Kaiyi refers to success, victory, harvest, and is very nice to the Ruiyi, the meaning of the fingers, the horse is successful, full of returned.

[Rui] Hiwang refers to the talents of the world, the future is bright, the meaning is very atmospheric with the Rui word, the apartment refers to the talents of the energetic, the future is bright, the mind is.

[Asa Rui] Xu Yan refers to the new life, the spiritual, bright, and the Ruiyi is very elegant, the apartment refers to the vibrant, the vitality, the future is a bright future.