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Facing 13 partial interpretation analysis

real teen faith real teen faith

Thirteen parts are the longitudinal lines of the central part of the center are divided into thirteenth, and the quality of each point is implied in the intercept of life. "Soomps" cloud: "Thirteen parts are where the top of the" critical limit ", the line is lucky, such as the Fenglong Mingrun, if there is a spot, tattoo, convex, depression, turtly, The slantsee will be the cruel. "Thirteen parts are the characterization of human pentastan six internal organs, brain tissue and spinal neural system in the mother's growth process, Tianzhong, and Tiansheng represent the neurological system formed by the fetus (ie spinal cord and brain) And the blood circulation system, Siki, Zhongzheng, Hook on behalf of the throat and respiratory system, Shanheng represents the cardiac circulation system, year, life representative metabolic system (liver and gallbladder), the gallbladder represents the digestive system, people represent endocrine and reproductive system, Mercury , The slide represents the digestive excretion system, the development of the garden represents the development of bones and cerebellum.

Tianzhong - Tianzhong Pulling Yutu, the owner youth is good, parents are healthy, out of business is early or started, and it is conducive to travel, and it is not committed to the official person. Such as the sky is low, the main has no ancestral industry, and there is a disaster of official criminal prison; such as the heavens and black sputum, the main criminals. There is a gustlers in the sky, and the luck is not bonded to the 16th year old. It attaches around the sky to the sky.

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