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"Battle of Golden Shovel" 2.5 Black Magic Master By with Raiders

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The battle of the gold shovel has been officially updated 2.5 version. Many small partners want to know how to play 2.5 version of the black magic mage. Today, Xiaobian brought you a "Golden Shovel Battle" 2.5 Black Magic Master Match Raiders . Take a look at the little friends who are interested.

"Battle of Golden Shovel" 2.5 Black Magic Master By with Raiders

First, lineup analysis


6/8 Black Devil: Crow, Malzaha, Victor, Wei Gush, Fox, Bomber, Fire Men, (Transfer)

Can be matched: 2 student 3 Cindida: Hillko, Xiang, Moganna

3 White Devils: Saina, Mogana, Lulu

2. Hex

Black Magic Master (Soul), Conversible Shield, Miao Hand, Big Angel, Lugen, Source Plan Upper Link, Falley Blade, Pearl Lotus, Blue Battery, Binary Airport

3. Equipment

古: mercury, mad, anti-arm

Victor: Qinglong knife, killing, law explosion

Malzaha: Qinglong knife, ghost book

A raccoon: blue buff, ghost book

Second, the operation Raiders

Core thinking:

Priority to take the waistband water droplets, you can leave the Del card to work, or the bodyguards cooperate with the black magic mage equipment to win, priority to the grasshopper ghosts, Dragon knife and Wei Guys, (3-2 ) Liter 6 people D card, D 4 Black Magic Master 3 about 2 White Devils, 2-star grasshopper and Wei Guys can stabilize 8 people, basically salagas. Here you can choose directly to go to Victor and other four-fold card quality. If the medium blood volume is stable, you can also chase 3 stars 3-free card with 7/8 people. If the economy is allowed to chase Samsuzahaha and Wei Gush, after the top, the population is suppressed. According to the Hexuga strong, the headband adjustment and strengthening, the heart of the black magic mage or transferred 8 black devils, Xin Diga's heart or transfer can go to 5 Dijia to change the fox master C, and there is a chance to go to nine or More full, you can support Hillko, which will play a good strengthening C bit.

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