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"Creating and Magic" Spread Turtle Board Feed Formulation

real teen faith real teen faith

How do many small friends in creating and magic games may not be clear how to do the tribica turtle feed?Next, let Xiaobian brings "Creating and Magic" homecarba turtle, and interested friends, I hope I can help everyone.

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"Creating and Magic" Spread Turtle Board Feed Formulation

Scale Turtle & Spine Turtle Capture

Both turtles can only capture a pet

Scale Hao Turtle 40 can be captured, and the spine turtle 45 can capture

Silver kelp + water fruit feed bag + big sea star = spine turtle feed / bootst

What is the creation of 3DM small compilation? How to do it?How much feed?Bold feed formula.For more exciting content, please click Follow, Xiaobian will continue to update you!