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What is the meaning of dreamed of picking red dates

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What does it mean by dreamed of picking up red?The five-line main wood, is the signs of wood and fire, is good at operation, the business is smooth, and the business is not able to hit the corner with him, and there is a sense of uneasiness. The spring dream is unlucky.

Dreaming in the outside, I will walk the dates, go to the east, don't get went to the east, and the people who are pigs, those who are rabbits, together to make a fortune, and the wealth of improvements, only with others, sincereWaiting, life is more harvest.

Single woman dreams of picking up red dates, there can be good luck in the main factor, with others sincerely, good luck, and is a frank, smooth.

Middle-aged woman dreams, there are more people who have a small person, and ask for money to be opposed to him.

The elderly have a dream, a lot of small people around, and those who are stubborn, it is difficult to listen to the persuasion of others, and more than a matter of money.

Dreams from the relevant industry, such as catering, diet, can not be a small loss due to small loss, the main life is uneasy, depressed in the heart, and send it to a dream.