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Xiong Shenjin 12 Zodiac a week's zodiac is lucky (5.16-5.22)

real teen faith real teen faith

A week of zodiac (May 16 to May 22)

[Angry, punish yourself with other people's mistakes]

mouse:Older friends recommend that night life will sleep before 23 o'clock. Usually leisure is more outdoors in good weather. Pay attention to dredging the muscles of the muscles, strengthen the spine and waist and abdomen. Young friends should pay attention to protect the liver and kidney, eat less greasy and drink less Essence There may be some sudden challenges in the career. It is recommended to know how to seize the opportunity. There will be appropriate precious popularity to help you spend all the problems in front of you. This week, we usually go out to go out to avoid accidents. Auspicious position this week: south and northwest.

[Trouble, torture yourself with your own fault]

Cattle:Emotions are unstable, easy to commit the tongue, irritability and annoyance, and it is easy to conflict with colleagues, family members, passers -by, and even troubles in severe cases. Please control your emotions. Do not hurt each other's feelings, hurt your body, and affect your career development. On the other hand, there will be no progress because of the villain. It is recommended that you learn the situation and deal with the current situation. The most auspicious position: south, northwest, east, southeast.

[Regret, to destroy yourself with a helpless past]

Tiger:Fortunes are particularly beneficial to the supervisor class and business workers, and the effort is proportional to the harvest. As long as you are diligent in the moving port and running legs, you can have a good harvest. In terms of career, because of the continuous rise in the expensive relationship, the number of opportunities for tigers this week will increase, and the room for rise will increase. The housewife at home, or a retired friend, should not listen to some gossip of relatives and friends around you this week, nor do you need to pay too much attention to others, otherwise you must find your own troubles. In fact Star, many opportunities to enjoy life.

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