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How is the marriage of Tiger and a horse (how to do nothing)

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The marriage equation of Tiger and the horse is still good, the wedding rate is very high, and it is in harmony in the zodiac. The character of these two zods is too similar, with a consistent ideal goal, soon come together. Although there will be no quarrel after marriage, but it will not affect their feelings.

How is the marriage of Tiger and a horse

From the perspective of zodiac, two people are suitable for marriage. The horse is very enthusiastic, and the tiger is also very active. They are easily attracted by the other side, and their feelings are developing very quickly. Ordinary people have to get along a long time to know if the other party is suitable for them, in the horse and the tiger, this process can be ignored, this is almost a love at first sight. This relationship can be quickly decided and will not regret in life. After all, both parties are decisive people. When they encounter the front edge, their attraction will double. The Tiger's most admire the principle of horses, which makes people feel particularly safe. For horses, the tiger's tentative and enthusiasm are their favorite places, attract each other, just like Thunder and Fire, love is full of vitality, unforgettable. We have more harmonious, the more you can find each other, the more you are willing to leave each other.

The horse and the tiger are more outwarder. They seem to be similar in many things, get along very well. Husband and wife, an outwarder and an introverted person must have a long time. If their personality is similar, there will be no such trouble. After marriage, cooperation has become more tacit, although there will be quarrels, the tiger is impatient, the horse will rationally argue, refuse to show weakness. However, the feelings of the two have not been affected, and this intense phase is very frank, they never hide. If there is a problem, they will solve, emotions come fast, and go fast.

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