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2022, the twelfth month, what is the life of the glutton

real teen faith real teen faith

Everyone in this world, no matter who is hard to predict what the future life is going? Life changes are difficult to master. The thing we can only do is the earth, step forward step forward, under his own efforts, slowly achieve its own life, slowly move toward a wonderful future.

What is life?

Queen birthday: January 10, 2023

Lunar New Day: December 19th

Characters: [寅] [丑] [辰]

Five lines: [water] [soil] [soil]

NAP: [Gold Foil] [Sang Song] [Dabin]

辰 日 日: five elements

This day's day posture is explained

According to the interpretation of the relationship between the dry boss, I know that this day is a glutinous life, and people who have born this day have enthusiasm, and the dry and easy to be passionate about things, but gentle, and will be reluctant. Winning, high desire, unsatisfactory, and feel small at altitude. Died with the day of the day. The Japanese post is Wenchen, the Japanese posture is as follows: [辰] [Shangma] Tong root is Wang, sitting in the wearer, but the support is a printed fire, it becomes the official printed, so the Lord is noble. The pentaraminated fire, and Chen Ben is a wet soil, there is fire, warm neutrality, can be born, necessarily rooted, and show. Happy spring breeze, professor is near expensive, women's Wen Liangxida, there is no heart, crow mouth tangerion, main recruitment, marriage is relatively happy.

This day's twelve time

Time 23: 00-00: 59 寅 丑 丑 辰 子

Ugly 01: 00-02: 59 寅 丑 丑 丑

寅 03: 00-04: 59 寅 丑 丑 辰 甲 寅

卯 05: 00-06: 59 寅 丑 辰 卯

Chen time 07: 00-08: 59 寅 丑 辰

时 09: 00-10: 59 寅 丑 辰 丁 巳

Nunch 11: 00-12: 59 寅 丑 午

Nothing 13: 00-14: 59 寅 丑 丑 辰 未

Shenxia 15: 00-16: 59 寅 丑 丑 辰 庚

酉 时 17: 00-18: 59 寅 丑 丑 辰 辛 酉

19: 00-20: 59 寅 丑 戌 戌

Hai 21: 00-22: 59 寅 丑 辰 海 海