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What are the cuisines of the Mid -Autumn Festival in the Mid -Autumn Festival in 2022?

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The Mid -Autumn Festival is a traditional festival with far -reaching significance in my country. It is not a relatively simple day we understand. This day with cultural heritage is a day with a very related sacrifice activity of the ancient emperor. At this time, people choose to worship the moon, and this kind of worship of the moon is also imitated by future generations, and gradually forms a traditional custom.

The origin of the Mid -Autumn Festival 2022

Among most traditional folk legends in my country, the origin of the Mid -Autumn Festival is related to agriculture and farming, because the crops are basically mature in the Mid -Autumn Festival in August, bringing great changes to our lives. In order to celebrate the harvest of the Mid -Autumn Festival on the day of the Mid -Autumn Festival, it is regarded as a farming season worthy of celebration. Because of this day, the moon can be seen, and then because of the invention of moon cakes, the Mid -Autumn Festival gradually combines with moon cakes.

Mid -Autumn Festival food

On the day of the Mid -Autumn Festival, in addition to our well -known moon cakes, there are some other beautiful foods. For example, people in Jiangnan are particularly like to eat a famous Cauli osmanthus duck on the Mid -Autumn Festival. This is a dish that integrates local diet and humanistic style and special production methods. There is a festive atmosphere, especially during this period, the ducks are the tenderest, often the most delicious Mid -Autumn Festival.

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